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As I’ve mentioned for several months now, I haven’t been doing much personal reading. I’ve been busy with writing deadlines, family stuff, and life in general.

But I did take a book with me to the beach recently, with the intention of finishing and recommending it here, but I just can’t. I finished it because the author was a great storyteller, and I needed to see how it ended. However, the subject matter was too graphic and disturbing for my taste.

But I just started A Prayer for Owen Meany, and I have high hopes for this one! So, stay tuned until next month! 🙂

Beth Recommends: Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman

Cleo-the-cat-who-mended-a-familyI honestly have not had time to read for my own pleasure in a long time. Today, I’m calling on my assistant, Janet, to recommend a book that she tells me I must read.

Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman is book #1 in The Remnant Series. This story grips you from the beginning all the way to the end. A massive solar flare wipes out all modern technology. No power, no phones, no computers to run all that we’ve come to expect to facilitate our lives.

Set in central Texas, the cast of memorable, but ordinary, small town, characters must find a way to survive in a world of chaos. Five Stars!!

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Beth recommends: Cleo, The Cat Who Mended a Family by Helen Brown

Cleo-the-cat-who-mended-a-familyI’ve been busy judging writing contests, so I haven’t been reading for leisure much lately. But I love sharing about good books, so I dug around until I found a favorite that I could pass along to you. Cleo, The Cat Who Mended a Family by Helen Brown is still memorable to me after reading it several years ago. There’s a big black cat on the cover, but you don’t have to be a cat lover to enjoy this story, which is rich in heart, wisdom, wit, and healing. Check out the synopsis and see if this is for you. I really enjoyed it. And if you are a cat or pet lover, it will be an even more endearing story.

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Beth Recommends: Richard Paul Evans


Each month I try to recommend a book I’ve recently read. Since I’ve been trying to read the same book for about 2 months now and haven’t made much progress, this month, I’d like to recommend an author.

Richard Paul Evans has been a favorite of mine for years. And he has too many books I have loved to choose just one. Here is his Amazon author page—check out his titles. He is a gifted author!

Beth Wiseman recommends: This Side of Heaven by Karen Kingsbury

this-side-of-heavenI was reorganizing my office when I ran across a book I read a while ago. Karen Kingsbury doesn’t need any help with promotion from me, lol, since she is the Queen of Inspirational Fiction, but I did want to share with you that I enjoyed this book very much. In Karen Kingsbury style, This Side of Heaven tugs at your heart strings while also providing an ending that stays on your mind long after you’ve read the last page. As stated on the back cover… “A story of family secrets, broken relationships, and a love strong enough to span a nation.” Highly recommended.

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