A letter from a reader


From a reader via email:

Dear Beth,

I came across your website after picking up a copy of Amish Garden which features one of your novellas.

I was reading about My Brother’s Keeper and do agree that touching on the subject of suicide is important. I find that in your section where you include the most common discussion question – “do people who commit suicide go to heaven” is incredibly insensitive to those who have lost someone to suicide.


Beth’s response:

First of all, let me say that I am very sorry for your loss.

Secondly, it’s certainly never my intention to cause pain for anyone through my books, words, or actions. I write the books hoping that the stories will land in the hands of someone who can benefit from them. And I truly believe that God guides my hand as I write in that effort.

I tried very hard to show multiple points of view and the many ways people react to such a tragedy. Sometimes, painful subjects bring forth positive results. I don’t think God ever wastes a hurt. I AM DEEPLY sorry for any pain that I might have caused you. It is my hope that people WILL talk about this sensitive subject, but in ways that are positive and healing.