Congrats to April and May giveaway winners

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The answer to April’s trivia question is: #2. Hyam’s Beach on the eastern shore of Australia, which has the whitest sand in the world!

Contest winners are… (drumroll, please)

Theresa N. and Brenda V.

Congratulations!! You both win a signed copy of A Tide Worth Turning! My apologies for the tardiness of this announcement.



May trivia contest: In the book Rooted In Love by Beth Wiseman, Rosemary is living with her widowed father, Wayne Lantz.

Charlotte L. and Alisha W.

If you’re a winner, please send your mailing address to I’ll send your signed copies right away. Congratulations!!

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  • Salli Lemmen

    Your contests are so exciting! Thanks for doing this for us. Love all your books and it is hard to wait for a new book to come out! Haha!
    Blessings to you and your family.

  • Shelly Smith

    I love reading your books. I would love to win Message in a Bottle!

  • Shelia C

    Can’t wait to find Message in a Bottle. Love all your books!!

  • Lucy Reynolds

    Congratulations on Message In A Bottle.

  • Joy Griffith

    I want to tell you that I appreciate qualities I see in you that reveal you are a caring person, not only a successful author, and I wish we were neighbors! Love your books and respect you as a person.
    Joy Griffith

  • Melissa Ellison

    Message in a bottle sounds so good, I’ve always wanted to find one of those I think it would be so cool. Love your books. Hope to be a winner.

  • Karen M. Hoth

    I couldn’t find the information about the June giveaway. Please help. Thanks.

  • Loretta Shumpert

    Such a nice title, conjures up images of a little intrigue, curiosity, etc Would love to win this book.

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