Sneak peek: The Cedar Chest

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I’m working on a novella for an upcoming Amish collection to be titled An Amish Heirloom, no cover art to show yet. My story will be:

The Cedar Chest

Emma Fisher’s great grandmother left a cedar chest behind when she died. A cedar chest with the key broke off in the lock. Neither Emma’s grandmother nor her mother ever bothered to force the chest open. Decades later, Emma and her husband—Jonathan—are living in Emma’s family home, following the death of her mother. Emma is in the attic searching for a box of old books when she eyes the dusty chest in the corner.

Jonathan and Emma have settled into a comfortable life after marrying off the last of their four children. They have less demands on their time and look forward to traveling. Jonathan has sold his furniture business to his sons, which also affords them financial freedoms they’ve never had before.

As Emma and Jonathan prepare to slide into their golden years, Emma can’t stop thinking about the forgotten cedar chest in the attic, and she decides to pry it open. When she does, a beautiful love story unfolds via letters between her great grandparents—Elizabeth and Isaac Lapp.

But as Emma immerses herself in their story, family secrets are revealed, things her mother and grandmother never knew. Emma must decide whether or not to share her great grandmother’s secrets to preserve family history, or are some things best left alone?

Disclosure: As is always the case, these synopses tend to change as I write the story, but you are getting a raw look at the story before I write it. It’s due for publication in April, 2018.

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  • Jeanette

    Sounds interesting. Can’t wait to read how it unfolds.

  • Dean Burnley

    I read all I can locate of your books and have never been disappointed! Looking forward to her decision whether to reveal or stY silent!

  • Judy Tulloch

    This sounds like another fascinating book that I can not wait to read. I love your books!

  • Cathey Buchta

    Beth, this sounds like a delightful story and I also enjoy a little mystery involved! Hope all goes well in your world. We downsized and moved from out on Sandy Creek (between Garwood and Rock Island) and now live on not quite 2 acres (instead of almost 14 acres) on County Road 16 out of Altair. Still have wildlife about and now even have a number of pecan and fruit trees. We are more centrally located now for church, stores, doctors, yet we still feel like we’re in the “country.” As we got older
    (now 72-76) it became more important to be closer to things than before. Keep up your wonderful writing!
    Much Love, Cathey Buchta

  • Andrea

    This sounds like another interesting book of yours, can’t wait to read it cover to cover. I love all your books. Looking forward to this one as well.

  • Judy Kramer

    I can’t wait to read this book ,it sounds like an Awesome Book !! Thank You for writing them….

  • Bonnie G Traher

    Sounds like a really good book.

  • I’m in!! Ready to read m*o*r*e
    Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  • CJ

    Sounds like a MUST READ to me. I have enjoyed your books, and have the first one in this series. Need to get Book 2, before The Cedar Chest comes out!
    Please keep them coming ~
    Blessings to You.

  • Brenda Newcomer

    This sounds so intriguing and I will be looking forward to reading this book. Many families tend to hide secrets and sometimes it is so interesting to learn about them and what happened. It is like a mystery especially when you think you know your family and find interesting details you never would have guessed took place.

  • Amanda Kinzel

    You’re just going to leave us hanging like that?! 😛 Just kidding…it sounds like a great book & I love a little bit of mystery! Can’t wait to read it next year!

  • Lucy Reynolds

    Can not wait. It sounds wonderful.

  • Genita. Carlisle

    Can’t wait to read it. I enjoy reading your books.

  • Genita. Carlisle

    Love your books.Can’t wait to read this one.

  • Penny Simpkins

    Sounds very interesting.Some mystery. Looking forward to reading this novel.

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