The scoop on Message in a Bottle + Giveaway!


What have I been working on? Blog posts! Lots of blog posts coming this month and next. If you’d like to learn more about me and my upcoming release, Message In A Bottle, check out one—or all—of the sites listed below. Each Surf’s Up novella takes readers to a different beach, where romance and mystery swirl and collide into a fun read for any season.

Much thanks to these lovely authors who have granted me guest appearances:

June 8 –
June 14 –
June 17 –
June 19 –
June 28 – (of interest to authors)
June 29 –
June 30 – (of interest to readers)
July 4 –
July 11 –


On July 1st, I will send a digital copy of Message In A Bottle to five randomly selected readers who submit comments to this blog post. And, if you go to the above guest blog posts, you’ll find there are more opportunities to win a digital copy. Good luck!