Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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Since Valentine’s Day is coming up this month, let’s start off with a giveaway! I have an Amish cookbook, The Esh Family Cookbook, that I picked up in Pennsylvania and a signed copy of my latest collection, An Amish Year, which contains the story of how Jonas and Irma Rose fell in love.

Leave a comment here on this blog post with your idea of a romantic date—that involves a horse. The winner will be selected randomly from these comments. Good luck!

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  • Mandy Bentley

    I would love to go on a real sleigh ride with my sweet husband. A gorgeous horse leading the way with tinkling bells attached to it’s harness. We would, of course, be covered with beautiful, cozy lap robes, and our “snuggle factor” would be at 100%!

  • Linda

    I think a romantic horse & buggy ride in the snow snuggled with your honey counting stars and a full moon and talking about your future is about as romantic as you can get!!!

  • My idea of a romantic date would be on a horse drawn sleigh!

  • Rhonda Palmer

    My idea of a great Valentine’s date would be a carriage ride through the countryside with my husband. If it was chilly he could keep me warm.

  • Elsie

    I enjoy reading your Amish books very much.I am very intrigued by the Amish. I read a lot of Amish fiction. If I remember correctly you live in Houston Texas and I am a native Houstonian. I have never gotten to go to any Amish areas in the United Sates. Thanks for taking me there in your books. A romantic date on a horse would be riding horses by the moon light a long the beach. I would bring a picnic basket filled with Valentine goodies including chocolate candy.

  • michelle Conti

    Sitting on the porch of DerDutchman watching the horse and buggies go by 🙂
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Rachel Lepree

    A sleigh ride in the snow.

  • Tima Murrell

    A sleigh ride or a ride in a carriage through the city at night would be lovely.

  • Julia Thoel

    A horse drawn sleigh in the snow to look at Christmas decorations.

  • Mary Ellen Ashenfelder

    A nice dinner followed by a horse drawn carriage or buggy ride.

  • Patty wright

    By a lake with fried chicken and a blanket. Horse drained carriage.

  • Jonna Marsh

    A ride to an Amish restaurant in an Amish horse and buggy.

  • Leslie Klatt

    Trail riding thru the Adirondack Mountains and stopping for a picnic lunch in a scenic spot near a waterfall.

  • Leslie Klatt

    Trail ride thru the Adirondack Mountains . Stop for a picnic lunch by a scenic waterfall. Make a quick stop by the local dump to watch the bears. lol (might be a true story)

  • Salli Lemmen

    Going on a horse ride in a sleigh up in Northern Michigan

  • Roberta

    Riding on a horse with my hubby as we watch the sun rise.

  • Marlene

    Riding in a horse drawn carriage through the meadow in the fall looking at the beautiful leaves and then stopping for a picnic beside a stream.

  • xxxxxx Velma

    Holding hands while riding around the cattle to check on them.

  • shara

    Riding horses which turns into a racing challenge into a field of wildflowers and ends in a picnic in the wilds of Browning, Montana.

  • LeAnne Fifield

    Watching the sun rise over the ocean while riding on the beach. No day would be more perfect!

  • Teresa

    Love your books! Thank you for a chance to win!

  • Karen C

    A sleigh ride through the snow at the Greenbrier with my hubby. An added bonus would be the aurora glowing overhead on a starlit night.

  • Kathy

    A wonderful buggy ride at night. Pack a picnic supper and have a meal under the stars.

  • Jennifer M.

    My hubby and I go out to the barn together to do the chores. Might not be a typical romance but doing the chores together is love to me. The horses love it too and are always sure to give us wet kisses when we give them an apple.

  • Katie Lind

    How about a horse drawn carriage ride

  • Lee Ann Dalrymple

    Sitting in front porch swing watching sunset.

  • Elsie

    A moonlight ride on a beach. Inside the saddle bags I would bring Valentine goodies including chocolate candy.

  • A morning ride with a beautiful landscape and a gorgeous sunset.

  • Kim Fairchild

    Riding in a buggy onThe way to a high hill to watch the moon rise with a small picnic basket with homemade treats.

  • Justina Baisley Wilson

    I have always wanted to go to a deserted beach and ride horseback as the sun is going down in the distance, then we would have a picnic on the beach of wine and cheese…..

  • Susan Blair

    Seen I’ve never rode in one, arise in an open buggy being pulled by a Percheron. We would ride the back roads in the country on the way to a quiet lake with massive oak trees. Then my husband would spread a quilt for us and I would get out the mouth watering fried chicken and potato salad. Saving the blackberry cobbler for desert. After feasting we would get the fishing poles out and fish till the sun set. Topping it off with watching a beautiful sun set.

  • Sandi A.

    I have always loved horses and would love to go riding with my “guy” on the beach on a moonlit night.

  • Suzanne Sellner

    Since my favorite fellow loves the beach, I’d say a horse ride along a beach perhaps followed by a picnic or a bonfire on the beach would be a romantic date.

  • Tina H.

    Riding double with my husband on a beautiful palomino horse, with a picnic lunch packed in the saddlebags. Galloping with the wind in our hair, to the top of our mountain & eating lunch on a quilt spread out in the sun.

  • heather

    Going for a horse ride on a beach during sun set with a nice dinner for two at the end on the beach .

  • I remember being in Poland and we were given a horse carriage drive and taken to a lake for a picnic. That was beautiful watching the sun start to set, the beautiful colors on the water and the beautiful team of horses. I will never forget that wonderful day!

  • Karen M. Hoth

    A romantic date would be riding through the country in a horse and buggy. After a lengthy ride and oh how great it was, we would stop by the covered bridge and walk around the park area and sit on a bench watching the birds and animals. Our romantic date would end at the Bed and Breakfast with a wonderful candle lit dinner of our favorite Amish foods followed by a wonderful dessert.

  • Judy Tulloch

    Living in Chicago, then a suburb of, I never was on a horse. I’m too old to do so now. I always thought it would be romantic to go on a slow sleigh ride in the country on a clear winter night with stars filling up the sky. Throw in a thermos of hot chocolate would Be a nice addition.

  • Melanie Backus

    Climbing aboard a horse drawn wagon and taking a ride around our ranch only to end up by our lake with a picnic set up by my husband sounds pretty romantic to me.

  • Sherry lewis

    My romantic date would be my boyfriend proposing on a nice ride on the beach,on a beautiful white horse,,,after rescuing me from a runaway horse,,,,

  • Jona blake

    Take a buggy ride while the sun is going down on a nice fall day go to a open field and have a picnic when it gets dark lay on the blanket and look up at the stars and talk

  • Margaret

    What are the rules for this date? Can I write a whole like chapter? Of course, you can edit it to fit in. And even if you don’t use it in this book, it might come in handy in another…

  • Joy Hoskins

    Horse drawn carriage ride with my husband on a mild winter evening,with Big Fluufy snowflakes falling,out in the countryside

  • Marianne Drane

    Riding on a horse with your love on a fall day to a field to have a picnic and watch the sun set and hearing the clip clop of a horse and buggy in a distance.

  • Marianne Drane

    riding on a horse with your love to have a picnic in a field to watch the sun set and hearing the clip clop of a horse and buggy in a distance.

  • Rose Marie Kamenitz

    My idea of a very romantic horse ride, is going to Lancaster, Pa, w/ my hubby & riding in a horse drawn buggy, down the road at sunset. I am handicapped now, so I cannot get into a buggy, but I can dream, can’t I? I owned a home 1 mile from the Creamery, but had to sell it as I had trouble getting up the path. I knew it was time to sell. I have MS…….

  • marta

    Be with the family in the barn and see baby horse born, new life

  • Rosemary Trezza

    First, an Amish buggy ride (my dream one day), then dinner with my hubby (I would make his favorite meal), he would give me 2-3 red roses, then after dinner, we would sit together talking about our life together…we have been married 50 yrs

  • Linda D. McFarland

    Horseback riding on a sunny beach sounds perfect to me. Thanks for the opportunity to win!3

  • Melody Kennedy

    A sleigh ride on a snowy night.

  • Sarah hillman

    A sunset ride with my husband

  • Karen Vandyken

    I would love a horse drawn carriage ride through the streets of Victoria, British Columbia!!

  • wilma

    any thing my hubby picks out good for me even just a dinner at our steak place…he had a stoke last christmas so I cherish everyday with him and still after 35 years he can still make laugh

  • Horseback riding on the beach at sunset. Then sitting by the beach while the horses rest.

  • Marilyn Ciesielski

    I have always wanted to go on a horse drawn Sleigh ride, but living in northern Illinois the winter can be unpredictable, sometimes we have a lot of snow other times ( like this year ) no snow. One year we did go to Galena IL but even tho we had snow they had none, so at the age of 76 I’m still waiting for the time when I will get my sleigh ride. Thanks for the opportunity to win that nice book.

  • Ina Brown

    After a picnic by a quit stream they lay on their backs in the warm sunshine. He asks her to go riding in his horse and buggy. She excepts the invite and as they ride together he reaches over and touches the back of her hand which makes her heart race. She knew that this would be her forever Love.

  • Loretta Shumpert

    I really, really, really want to go to Corolla, NC where the wild horses roam the beach. That is on my bucket list!

  • Ronda a Ferry

    A nice snowy evening and horse drawn sleigh ride with my husband and hot chocolate to drink and a quilt to snuggle in.

  • Tina Harris

    A romantic date that involves a horse would be: Taking me for a ride during the Fall weather, seeing the beautiful leaves and all the colors it brings. Coming to a patch of field with a blanket all layed out, having a picnic with my love. Then afterwards, taking the blanket and cuddling on the way home would be a wonderful date.

  • Lanore Lewis

    I would love to take a ride in a horse drawn carriage with the love of my life, we will be married for 39 yrs this Jun

  • Leslie Moore

  • marion

    A carriage ride in the Autumn with all the trees and highways in full Fall colors.

  • Joan

    I would love a sleigh ride with a plaid blanket covering my lap, nice and cozy.

  • Marilyn

    A carriage ride through Central Park,before they are banned!

  • Laura

    Sitting snuggled on the couch in front of a fire, watching funny horse videos on YouTube. 😀

  • I ideal romantic date would be a sleigh ride under the stars with the moon shining on the snow covered ground. Being bundled up under layers of blankets and maybe stop for some hot chocolate along the way

  • Marilyn Moore

    Of what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!

  • Linda

    I love your books! I hope I win this one! :0)

  • Jackie Tessnair

    Riding in a covered buggy with the one I love to watch the sunset.And then turning the horse around to go eat dinner by candlelight.

  • Elise williams

    A ride on a full moon winter night !!!!!

  • Marla W

    To go horseback riding through wooden trails or to take a horse drawn carriage for a ride either would make for a wonderful date

  • Marla W

    To go horseback riding or riding in a horse drawn carriage through wooden trails to a lake

  • Pam Nicolay

    Taking a ride in a Amish buggy with my hubby on a quiet country road.

  • Robin in NC

    A horse drawn carriage ride through the countryside!

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