Work in Progress Update

“I love deadlines. I love order. I love knowing when to have things done, having a plan to get them done, and then I imagine I would love the feeling of submitting something on time. Life, however, has been an entirely different experience for me.” –  from Ralene Burke in a blog post at

I can so relate to this. I’ve got a full-length novel (book #3 in my Amish Journeys series) dueMay 15th, so I’m on serious writing lockdown. Life has a way of interrupting my disciplined, orderly plan. I’ve had medical appointments, bronchitis, judged a literary contest, and squeezed in time for family and friends as much as possible. Where does the time go? 

Never fear! A Beautiful Arrangement will be submitted to my editor at Zondervan very soon. ☺ Please forgive me, once again, for publishing the newsletter a few days late. ☺