Writing a book review doesn’t have to be scary!



Authors often suggest (beg) for readers to write a review of our books. Quite simply, many positive reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, Christian Books, Barnes & Noble, etc. helps to sell our books. Some marketing platforms even require a certain number of reviews or ranking before they will even consider promoting a particular title!

It occurred to me in the wee hours of the morning that it may seem daunting for you to put your name to a written piece if you’ve had no guidelines or instruction in how to write a review. After all, readers may not be writers.

I found a great blog post by UK author, Luisa Playa, that I’d like to share with you this month. She provides a very easy to follow formula for writing an effective book review. I hope you find it helpful and will happily undertake the writing of a positive review for all of my books!




Hopefully you will never want to hit that one star button; you can always find something nice to say about a book. Pretty cover, great characters, scene descriptions… 🙂