Book News

Oh my goodness! Let me tell you, the life of a writer is not at all a life of leisure. Of course, dear reader, you know that Listening to Love released in September. Lots of promotional assignments for that release required my attention. Then, the edits for book #3 in this Amish Journeys series, A Beautiful Arrangement were due. Then, my first book in my next series, the Amish Innkeepers series, was due to the publisher. Then, An Amish Christmas Bakery released on October 1st, with more required promotional tasks. Whew!  Boy, do I need a vacation! 

My plans for this October newsletter were to tell you all about my story in An Amish Christmas Bakery. But, you may have already read it by now. I hope so! Please submit a review to your favorite review site (Amazon, Goodreads, etc.) We authors depend on readers sharing their opinions with other readers so our books can be found. The setting for Loaves of Love is Indiana, where I visited a bakery very much like the one described in this story. The bakery uses only wood burning ovens. Can you imagine checking on the temperature and adding additional wood throughout the baking process? It is incredible. Especially, in this day and age. 

I made a short video that tells more about the bakery and one of my favorite Christmas memories.