Cover reveal for a new novella, The Shell Collector’s Daughter

Right now I’m working on two new novellas!

One will be part of a 4-novella collection entitled An Amish Celebration. There will be three new stories in the collection, joining a story I wrote for the 2011 An Amish Wedding. I haven’t seen the cover art for this one yet, but I’ll be sure to share when I do.

The other novella I’m writing as time permits is part of my Surf’s Up series. Each Surf’s Up novella takes the reader to a beach locale, weaving romance and adventure into a soul-soothing journey of hope.

The Shell Collector’s Daughter tells Carianna’s story—a heartwarming tale which follows one woman’s journey as she navigates the many types of love God gifts to us.

Coming May 5, 2017. Read more and pre-order The Shell Collector’s Daughter on Amazon!

Beth recommends: When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Catherine Ryan Hyde is a new author to me, but you might recognize some of her books. She is the author of Pay It Forward, a novel that was turned into a major motion picture. In When I Found You, a man is duck hunting when he finds a newborn baby left under a tree to die. This touching story is about the relationship between this man and the baby boy he found. In addition to a great story, the character depth is exceptional in this book. I felt like I was right there with Nathan and the boy as this heartwarming tale played out and went full circle.

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Beth Recommends: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers just celebrated 20 years in print, so maybe I am late to the party since I hadn’t read it until now. But every once in a while, a book comes along that will stay in your heart forever. Redeeming Love is one of those books.

The power of God’s love shines in this beautiful story about the many ways God loves us and wants us to reach out to Him. I cried buckets—not because it was a sad book (although parts of the story were heartbreaking) but because I was moved to tears by the shear grace of God and the way He works in our lives. Simply put—this is one of the best books I’ve ever read.

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Beth recommends reading…

I’ve done a lot of reading lately. I’m a genre-hopper and enjoy all types of stories. I recently finished Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, which is the sequel to The Shining. It was all I hoped for. Whether or not you care for Stephen King’s stories, most authors believe him to be the king when it comes to creating in-depth, original characters.

I also discovered a new author—Rachel Abbott. I read Sleep Tight, a psychological thriller, and I enjoyed it very much. Be warned—both Doctor Sleep and Sleep Tight contain adult content and language.

And last, but certainly not least, I am reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. I’ve heard about this book for years, and it’s been in my to-be-read pile for way too long. I’m about a fourth of the way through this powerful and thought-provoking story, and I suspect it will rank high on my list of recommendations.

What I’m working on now…

I’m excited about a new project I am working on — a novella collection of my own that will focus on Amish celebrations. Slated thus far, the celebrations featured will be an Amish Christmas, Amish baptism, Amish wedding, and an Amish birthday celebration. Stay tuned for more details. 🙂